What are the basic rules?

Your goal is to remove every tile by matching pairs of identical tiles. You can however only match "free" tiles. A tile is "free" when there are no tiles on top of it. In addition, either its left or right side needs to be open. Basically, the tile needs to be able to slide out without anything blocking it on a side or on top.


The goal is to remove all tiles with a limited amount of possible clicks. For this you need to use the heroes. They change the game so you need less clicks for solving the puzzle. E.g. the more tiles you hit with the horizontal bomb the less tiles you need to solve individually. So you save clicks. Avoid reshuffles because each reshuffle costs one move as well.

Magic Orbs

The Magic Orbs are great, they make tiles solve itself. If they have a counter you need to free them before the counter is 0. Then they turn into a normal tile. Magic Orbs are generated when hero bombs break pairs. When a e.g. horizontal bomb removes one tile then the other tile of the pair in the layout turn into a Magic Orb tile. The more pairs you break the more Magic Orbs you get.


Whenever there is no more solvable tile the layout reshuffles. At the start of the game each layout is completely solvable. However if you solve the layout in a different order it can happen that a reshuffle is necessary. Try to avoid reshuffles be solving high towers and long horizontal rows first.


How do I get more chests?

fter every game you finish (win or lose) you fill up your chests. The more tiles you solve the faster they fill up. Every tile is one count. That mean that you need to solve 500 tiles for a chest with a 500 counter. The bigger the chest the more tiles you need.

Lucky Wheel

The Lucky Wheel offers you the chance to win unlimited lives, coins diamonds and more. Just tab the button in the middle to watch a video. After closing the video ad the wheel stops and you get the prize. For the next spin you have to wait.

Hero Wheel

The Hero Wheel offers you the chance to win unlimited lives, coins, lots of diamonds and more. It costs you diamonds. Just tab the button in the middle to stop the wheel and get you prize. Good luck! :-)

How do the chests work?

Chest are super important for the game and super easy to achieve. There are 4 different types of chests: Wooden chest Silver chest Golden chest Magical chest You can open a wooden chest every 4 hours. A notification will remind you if they are enables. The other 3 chest you get by solving tiles. The greater the chest the more tiles you need. Collected chests you find in the map view. Tab on them to start the opening process. One you timer is over you can collect the chest. Also skipping is possible for just a few diamonds.


You need coins to upgrade your team, to buy hero cards and to use Power-Ups in the game. You can get them in the shop for diamonds. Coins aren't synced across platforms; i.e. Coins purchased on the phone will not show up on the tablet and vice-versa.

The Heroes

How can I upgrade the heroes?

You need to collect cards and coins for an upgrade. Free cards and only be found in the chests. You can also buy them in the shop for coins.

How do the heroes help?

Every hero has a special skill. Depending on the level each skill is important. You can choose 3 different heroes for each level. They are for free and help you a lot. Level up the heroes to make them stronger and more powerful.

How do I play with the heroes

In each level there are hero tiles randomly placed. Whenever you solve a pair you get a bomb and you have to use it right away. Place the bomb on the best free position possible for the greatest effect. E.g. the more tiles you blow away the fast you can finish the puzzle. It not only removes many tile, it also generates more Magic Orbs. For this you need to blow away many different tiles and no pairs. Whenever you see the sparkle around the layout you hit the maximum tiles possible. The higher the hero level the more tiles are affected.


Leaf Tile

The leaf tile needs to be free on both sides - left and right - to be solvable.

Hidden Tiles

The hidden tiles are normal tiles where the icons are not visible until they are "free". Be aware that the e.g. horizontal bomb only removes the picture and not the tile.

Pete - the tile spitter

Pete spits 2 tiles in the puzzle after every move you do as long as both eyes are open. To stun Pete you need to solve the gray tiles which are generated with every tile Pete spits. That means that top laying tile in the vertical row affected by Pete will turn gray. Tip: Use the Legend hero to multiply the gray tiles so you have more ammunition.

Moves Changer

The moves changer tiles switch their icon every move. If you solve the +1 tiles you get one extra move and if you solve the -1 tile one move will be removed.

In-App Purchases


You need diamonds to buy moves, coins, Joker Rockets, to spin the Hero Wheel and to skip timers You can get them in the shop for real cash or win them in the Lucky Wheel and the Hero Wheel. Diamonds aren't synced across platforms; i.e. Diamonds purchased on the phone will not show up on the tablet and vice-versa.


Frequently Asked Questions

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